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What is CAS Board?

The PHU CAS Board is a group of IB Juniors and Seniors who organize, plan, and manage a variety CAS Board Experiences.

What is a CAS Board experience?

A CAS Board Experience is an event created by the CAS Board that follows one of the three strands of CAS (more information below). IB requires students to complete a minimum of one CAS Board Experiences per academic semester. The board typically has 1-2 one-time monthly events and then a few continuously occurring events every month.


What is CAS?

According to IB, CAS is "Creativity, activity, service (CAS) is one of the three essential elements that every student must complete as part of the Diploma Programme (DP)."  Students in their junior and senior year must fulfill the requirements set by both the International Baccalaureate Program and additional requirements from their school in order to be awarded the IB diploma.

The Three Strands of CAS


Exploring and extending ideas leading to an original or interpretative product or performance. Experiences involving this strand include anything from dance and singing to writing poetry or designing your own website.


Physical exertion which contributes to a healthy lifestyle. Experiences involving the activity strand range from playing on a soccer team to going to the gym to performing dances. 


Collaborative and reciprocal engagement with the community in response to an authentic need. Experiences with the service strand may include volunteering at the library, local hospitals, and animal shelters, or tutoring at an elementary school. 

What is the TOK requirement for CAS?

At Palm Harbor University High School, completing the monthly CAS requirements are apart of the TOK curriculum. Each month, every student must enter two pieces of reflective evidence into ManageBac. Also, one CAS experience each semester must be a CAS Board experience. Each requirement will be reflected in the student's TOK grade on a monthly basis.  

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