All black and bolded events are currently occurring!

All those with a * after the name means it's a reoccurring experience!

Events listed in the blue box are events to come in the way future! Stay tuned for more information as those events migrate to black boxes!

Metropolitan Ministries Help-Out

Join the IB faculty in helping out the Metropolitan Ministries non-profit organization by manning an arts & crafts stand, handing out various items, and assisting in stocking shelves and similar duties! You will earn a substantial amount of CAS service hours by participating! You MUST sign up by no later than December 1st and show up with a filled out volunteer waiver! Flyer, sign-up, and waiver are found below!

This volunteering opportunity runs on December 12th from 1:45 PM to 5:15 PM!


Sign-up (navigate down to the calendar and you will see it on December 12th)


Note: You will have to create an account to sign up. It will prompt you to and all you have to do is follow their directions!

Maker-Space Mondays*

Maker-Space Mondays take place at the media center every Monday from 7:30AM-2:30PM! For October they are hosting IB Freshman card-making and origami crafting! See flyer here!

Updated as of 10/27/21... New info on flyer!!

Future Events

  • Homelessness Awareness Week (Delayed to later date)

  • Metropolitan Ministries (Dec 12th)

  • Elisa Nelson Elementary Concert (Dec 15th)

  • Reading Under the Stars (Jan 26th)

More events are on they're way! Make sure to check back often as new information is posted! Have a nice day!

Sophomore Social: 


     The CAS Board would like to welcome the everyone to our Sophomore Social, which will be held on March 10th at 6:00 PM! We will be hosting a video call as an opportunity for sophomores to meet new people since this functions as their sophomore breakfast! Upperclassman can use this experience to gain CAS hours as well!


View our flyer here! Sign up here!